Hello 3rd Grade Families,

It was a pleasure meeting so many grandparents last Friday. We had a full classroom buzzing with family and friends. Oh what a day it was!

This week…

Important Dates:

Tuesday we make our second trip to the SHS Library. Remember to bring your books so that new ones may be checked out.

Wednesday is a free dress day. Please bring in a $1 donation for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


MATH: We have our first math test on Wednesday. It will cover all Chapter 1 content (which is almost entirely a review of grade 2 skills and concepts). After that we will begin Chapter 2, “Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers.”

For IXL homework this week, please complete the following Skills…

C.8 Addition patterns over increasing place values

D.6 Subtraction patterns over increasing place values

READING: This week we will learn how to find “within-reach” books. Note that this lesson is periodically revisited throughout the year. Likewise, we continue to build a reading life by setting goals, setting up systems for sharing books and even learn about reading in the company of partners! All students are required to read a total of 100 minutes each week and record these in the reading log. Additional logs and new fluency passages will go home on Tuesday.

Curricular Spotlight:

We have had a great deal of fun in science, and will continue to do so this week! We will continue to learn about animal and plant adaptations. Students got the opportunity to “create-a-creature” where they got to make up an animal of their own, giving the creature three adaptations that will help it survive in a given biome. This week, we will continue to talk about the desert, tundra, forest, tropical rainforest, and aquatic biomes. We will also go into depth on the adaptations that specific animals and plants have in those environments. By the end of this week, we will wrap up the chapter with an exciting and informative game/activity of “Biome, Go!”

Have a wonderful week,

Ms. Espinosa and Miss Poindexter