Dearest Third Grade Families,

Important Dates:

On Tuesday, we welcome Mrs. Spooner back for art!!!

This Friday, 9/29, is a full day.


Math: This week is all about number stories. We will be working with parts and total number stories, change diagrams and comparison diagrams. If you’re interested in learning more about these or following along with us, follow this link to “Everyday Math at Home.”

For IXL homework this week, please complete the following Third Grade Skills…

T.3 Read Clocks and Write Times

P.1 Rounding: Nearest 10 or 100

READING: This week is a big one – we turn the corner narrowing our scope from getting excited about reading to better our understanding of what we read. We’ll discuss how to give yourself a comprehension check with a reading partner as well as by yourself as you read.

Curricular Spotlight: Science

These past couple of weeks our class has spent a great deal of time studying the biomes and the specific animals that live in those biomes. We have studied a vast number of animals, discussing what physical and behavioral adaptations they have and why they have them. We have finally completed our fun and informational game of “Biome, Go!” Students got to venture around the Sacred Heart campus in search of 30+ animals (laminated pictures). Once they found them, they had to fill out their “biome-dex”, illustrating the animals they found and explaining what biome each animal lives in and the adaptations that those animals have! We then got to complete a science lab, learning about blubber and how that adaptation helps certain animals survive. Now we jump into Chapter 2 where we study about how animals and plants compete for limited resources (food, water, and shelter).

Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Espinosa and Miss Poindexter