Dear Third Grade Families,

I hope you all enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend. It was a pleasure meeting so many of you at Back-to-School night and I look forward to a great school year.

With each successive week, we have been establishing what will become our full homework routine. This week, in addition to the Reading Log and spelling words, students will finally begin taking home Accelerated Math. This will be sent home with your child in a marked folder containing: 1) a practice sheet, 2) a scantron for recording answers, and 3) any corrected Accelerated Math work already done. All new or current work is to be kept on the right side of the folder. All corrected work is placed on the left. Students should keep all corrected work at home.

Students may write on the practice sheets and should circle their answers here as well. In addition, they are encouraged to show their work when necessary. We have been working in class on where/how to record the “Form Number(s)” on the scantrons. Students should be sure to write their name on each scantron, too. Many times students are working on several forms/scantrons at once.

Students are to complete their Accelerated Math and turn it in first thing in the morning a minimum of two times a week. Ambitious students may choose to turn it in more or even every day. Work will be always be corrected and returned the day it is turned in.

Tuesday, students will also be taking home their School Work folders. Please take a moment to review the work inside and return the signed coversheet and folder. This week you will be receiving your child’s first math quiz. Quizzes are part of the learning process. Students who are eager to excel are welcome to take the time at home, correct their mistakes, and resubmit it for a higher grade. This opportunity is available for MATH QUIZZES only and is not an option on math TESTS.

In more news, this Wednesday is a Free Dress day. Parents should check the School Handbook for the dress code on these days.

Thursday we will be visiting the Sacred Heart School library. Please remind your child to be ready to turn in his/her books that morning in order to be able to check out new ones.

On Friday, there will be noon dismissal for Grandparent’s Day. Grandparents are welcome to meet us in the morning for 8:30 mass in the church followed by recess for the students and refreshments in the Hall for the grandparents.

In class we will be working on the following:

Math: Rounding numbers

Language Arts: Reading — begin The Keeping Quilt. Each student must have his/her own copy in class, Spelling — CVCe (consonant-vowel-consonant-silent “e”) words

Social Studies: Reading a landform map

Science: Physical Changes in matter

Religion: Talents God has given us

Have a great week!


Mrs. Espinosa