Dear Kindergarten Families,

Read 20 minutes each night, then color a book on the Book-it reading log. Pizza coupons will be sent out the end of November. Pleases keep log in Red Homework folder! If you do not have the November Log click below.

Nov Minute Reading Log

Do a story map from one of your child’s favorite books.


Number formation and number word practice practice linked below.

number practice page

IXL practice -Math

C.23 Names of numbers  

Number words ‘one to ten’ are an important skill for kindergarten children.

D.6 Count up to 20 

We are working on teen numbers (11-19) which is crucial for understanding place value.

IXL practice – ELA

Sight words – need to know by sight! Not by sounding out! Let work on these skills again. Many need to practice a bit more on these skills. If your child has mastered K.1 move on to K.2.

K.1 Sight words that are the same

K.2 Choose the sight word that you hear

Please understand IXL is an excellent resource for your children. It helps reinforce skills covered in class. Work at a pace that is comfortable for your child and family. If possible do just – 5 or 10 minutes each day.

No extra sites will be listed this week. Parents you can always go back to previous homework assignments for extra sites.

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Your saints were just precious!

Mrs. Brown