Dear Kindergarten Families,

As we move into this 3-day weekend, homework will be shortened. Although, reading is always a component of our weekly homework. The importance it has on your child’s success is too great! Below you will find a link to download the reading/web log.

Notice the home link letter from Everyday Math –  practice counting steps. This is set to download as well. At times we count our steps in class as we move from carpet to tables. In class this week we covered section 1 activity 3 and 4. Monster Squeeze is the game in 1.4 a fun way to guess the mystery number.

Reading /Web Log

EM home link

EM login

find section 1.4 play Monster Squeeze game (one or two player)

Storyline Online

A great site for listening to stories (be sure to list on reading log)

Extra learning sites:



If you explore this matching game; choose shapes, one or two player. Depending on ability level windows can be open or closed.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Mrs. Carol Brown