Dear Kindergarten Families,

This is the week to hydrate as much as possible! Bottled water is available each Tuesday and Thursday morning – cost $1.00.

This week we will concentrate on the Goodness of God’s world from our text. Reading from the Children’s Bible continuing with Abraham and his family.

ELA- It’s time to work on our sight words.  Lower case letter identification and correct letter formation. Phonics: consonants and vowel today /i/ as a short and long vowel. Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop continues each day. Our reading strategies include sharing reading with partner as we read pictures and some sight words. Writing workshop continues to teach to write with pictures and some words or letters.

Everyday Math- We are sorting pennies, nickels and dimes, learning to count and make simple purchases. For fun we’ve been ‘buying’ time drawing on the board or other class items.  Counting by fives and tens and counting on from a number other than one. Tally marks have been introduced, which we’ve noticed is like counting with nickels!

Life Science- a lab this week observing crickets!

Social studies- good citizenship is the topic with readings and drawings.

Look for the service hour calendar coming soon….

Enjoy your week!


Mrs. Brown