Dear Families,

This Thursday is Picture Retake Day.  Please bring the envelope with all the photos.  This Friday is a full day of school with a 2:45 dismissal.  Next Wednesday is Free Dress for $1.00 to benefit Adopt-a-Family.   As the weather warms up please remember to pack water every day.  Below is an overview of our week:

Math:  We will be using magnitude estimates for products of multi digit numbers.

Science:  We are taking are Chapter 2 test next Monday.

Vocabulary:  We are taking our Unit 3 test next Tuesday.

Religion: Chapter 4, Confirmation Is the Sacrament of the Holy Spirit.

Social Studies:  We will be describing how the Aztecs adopted ideas from the Mayas and other Indian groups and built a vast empire.

ELA:  We are focusing on elaborating on important parts of a story.

If you have any questions please let me know.  Thank you.

Ms. Carney