We had a great trip to Olivas Adobe today, and the staff there was very complimentary about our students! The intermediate spring program is next Wednesday, April 27th, so we have additional music classes with Mrs. Lyle in the coming days. We will have the In N Out Truck on campus next Monday, April 25th . This is a fundraiser for our school, and we hope all will take advantage of this special opportunity. The last day for sending in orders is this Thursday, April 21st. The last day for ordering yearbooks is April 22nd.

What we are working on this week:

Religion: We are discussing the seventh and tenth commandments.

Math: We have finished our study of Unit 6. We will have the test on Wednesday. This week students should complete ixL Math skills E 9, E 21 and P 15.

Spelling: We will be studying the words in Unit 28; the test will be on Friday.

Grammar: We continue our work with adjectives.

Writing Workshop: We continue selecting essay topics.

Vocabulary: We continue our study of Unit 14 words; the test will be on Thursday.

Reading: The reading log will be due next Monday (click here for a copy) Reading log summary and Fluency Homework #29 will be due next Monday as well.

Social Studies: We will finish our discussion of the discovery of gold in California, with a test on Studies Weekly #16 and 17 next week.

Science: This week we are learning how weathering and erosion affect the land.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer