Congratulations to all the fourth graders for their wonderful participation in the Spring Program last Wednesday. I am so proud of each and every one of you! After all the excitement last week, this is a fairly quiet week. Round 4 of Star Testing has begun.  Friday is our last full day Friday for the school year!


Religion: We will be discussing the eighth commandment and working on our 10 commandment booklets.

Math: We continue Unit 7, focusing on fractions. Students are to complete ixL skills P 7, 8, and 9 by next Monday.

Reading Workshop: Reading is our number one priority every night. Students continue reading historical fiction selections in partnerships or groups. Click here for a copy of the reading log.

Writer’s Workshop: We are editing our first two chapters and writing chapter 3 (a fictional story) of our historical books.

Reading Fluency: We will be doing fluency #34 this week; it is due next Monday.

Spelling: We are working on the words in Unit 33; the test will be on Friday.

Vocabulary: We continue studying the words for Unit 17. The test will be on Friday.

Grammar: We are reviewing adjectives and will also be discussing adverbs.

Social Studies: We are finishing work on magazine #20; we will have a test on magazines 18-20 on Thursday. Students may go to spelling to review the vocabulary for this test.

Science: We are learning about electricity and magnetism.

Thanking you for your continuing support,

Mrs. Mary Dwyer